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Jon Schalliol
2004-02-01, 14:01
That seems pretty cool, I'd like to look a bit more at what else we
could do with this (esp. on Macs). Right now I have HIGHLY
RECOMMENDED Philips Pronto Remote Control I use to send X-10 commands
via macros to a $30 device that does this, but I'm certainly a fan of
integration. These kinds of abilities combined with computer
programmable remote like this seems to support a complex group of
tasks possible.

I'd recommend to anyone who might do "987" to turn off lights in the
house and arm alarm that they try a remote like this, where you
design the interface you like to do all of this automatically (I hit
a all lights off button and have an image of the room and I tap where
the lights are to control them, for example).

>Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 21:03:04 -0000
>From: "John B" <slimp3 (AT) jbnet (DOT) cns-uk.org>
>To: "Slim Devices Discussion" <discuss (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com>
>Subject: [slim] xPHal
>Hi John,
> > Guys,
> > I have been playing around with the XPHal extensions in the latest nightly
> > builds, and it rocks. Now, when my Slimp3 is off I can press '1' and it
> > turns my bedroom lights on (via homeseer) and '2' turns them off. Pressing
> > '987' turns off all the lights in the whole house and arms the alarm.
> > I'm having a bit of difficulty enabling the up and down buttons to allow
> > brighten and dim though. I understand that I need to make some changes to
> > the IR map, but the formatting is quite confusing under Windows, can
> > someone give me a pointer?
>Yep, when the player is powered off, the up and down buttons are
>dead by default.
>If you open up your default.map file in Notepad, you should see a
>section like the following:
># When the player is powered off, most buttons are dead
>arrow_down.* = dead
>arrow_left = dead
>arrow_right = dead
>arrow_up.* = dead
>All you should need to do is change the up and down keys so that
>they produce a custom key code that won't conflict with SlimServer
>operation, e.g.:
>arrow_down.* = x10_dim
>arrow_left = dead
>arrow_right = dead
>arrow_up.* = x10_bright
>You can then look out for the keys x10_dim and x10_bright in xPLHal
>and send out your dim/bright commands.
>Just tried it here and it seems to work.