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2008-01-12, 21:08

I am a new Slimserver user and have been unable to play several .asx streams with the software. I have tried to find the answser within the forums, but no luck so far. Here is a specific example:


It's WABC radio, and I would sincerely appreciate any help that anyone can give me.

Thank you,


2008-01-12, 23:09
I believe the problem probably lies with the .asx files that you're trying to play. An .asx file is just a plain text metafile that points to the actual Windows Media file. The contents of an .asx file should look something like this:

<REF HREF="mms://netshow.microsoft.com/ms/sbnasfs/wmt/turtle28.asf/">
<REF HREF="mms://netshow.microsoft.com/ms/sbnasfs/wmt/wmt.asf/">

If you save to disk the example Vtuner .asx file you mentioned, and open it in any text editor, you'll see that it's not a proper .asx file, which is why SB would not be able to play it. I saw how you arrived at that URL on the Vtuner site; why they have this bad .asx file there I couldn't say.

2008-01-12, 23:33
If you did look at that bad Vtuner .asx file, you saw that it consisted of just a single line URL. On a hunch, I placed that URL within a valid .asx structure, and it worked! Here's the code:

<Ref href = "http://mmslb.eonstreams.com/abc_ny_newyork_wabc_am_fast" />

If you type the above code into a text editor and save it as, say, "wabc.asx", you could play it with SB. The URL you give to the SB would have to refer to the file's location on your own computer, if that's where you saved it. You'll also find that if you open the .asx file on your computer, it'll probably default to playing in Windows Media Player. Good luck....

2008-01-13, 04:52
Thank you very much, dwalzer.

Also, is there a simple way to show me how you put the URL in a valid .asx structure so that I can do it myself next time, or is it too complicated? All of the URLs on the Vtuner sight look like my example.

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2008-01-13, 05:10
Just use the URL - all slimserver does is throw the ASX wrapping away and looks for the URL.

2008-01-13, 05:49
OK, thanks very much BPA - that worked.

Could someone tell me how to get from this:


that didn't work to this:


that does work?

I am fairly computer literate but this material is all new to me.



2008-01-13, 15:07
Like any combination of streaming formats and players, there are certain types of URL's that the Squeezebox can utilize to find and play a Windows Media stream.

One type of URL that it CAN use is the live stream "publishing point". The publishing point is the raw live streaming output of the Windows Media Server that is hosting the stream. The eonstreams URL you mentioned is this type of URL, and hence the SB can successfully play the stream based on this URL.

However, this is not usually done, as the publisher of the stream typically wants to provide more sophisticated streaming functionality, such as backup streams, multiple clips in sequence like commercials, multiple bitrate options, etc. In this case an ".asx" file can be pointed to by the URL. The .asx file is a text-only script file that can be written to provide options such as those above. The .asx file includes references to the actual media streams. Again, the SB is capable of interpreting properly formatted .asx files.

Even though the "mms1679.asx" file contained the correct raw stream publishing point URL, the code was not written properly. So the SB failed when trying to process it as a .asx file (since it saw the .asx in the URL). Not all .asx files on the Vtuner site seem to be bad; for example, I looked at the .asx files for the "0170s" series of stations and they seem OK.

As for showing you how to put the URL in a valid .asx structure -- I did that above. If you see another link which you suspect is a direct media link, simply use the code above, putting the direct media link in the REF HREF tag as seen above and save the whole thing as a new .asx file. Or just give the raw media link directly to SB! Hope this helps.

2008-01-13, 19:49
OK, this is starting to make some sense now. Thank you for the great explanation.

However, I was mistaken in an earlier post. The raw link is not playing - it shows up in the right-hand window, but the player always indicates "stopped". I am successfully streaming media from a hard drive and the Internet radio source "radioio.com", but I cannot get that link to play.

Any ideas?


2008-01-13, 20:33
What versions of SlimServer/Squeeze Network/SqueezeCenter are you currently using?

2008-01-13, 21:07
I'm using version 6.5.4 of Slimsever and my player is a Linksys WMLS11b media player.



2008-01-14, 08:11
Hmmm, I'm using 6.5.4 SlimServer but I have a Squeezebox. The raw eonstreams URL plays fine for me when I play it through the SqueezeNetwork web interface. Unfortunately I don't know much about your Linksys player. 3-year-old reviews on the Web say that it doesn't play Windows Media; is this still the case, or can you play other Windows Media streams?