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Dan Foxley
2004-01-31, 14:49
Were you able to get the link I posted to work? You mention in your
documentation about the ".wma" needing to be appended. Going through your
post last night I was not able to get the link to work, but I didn't give it
a LOT of time.


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> I know some are having luck with streaming WMA, can the following be
> played with SlimServer/SB or HTTP Stream?

I was able to get something working -- it's not quite a Rube Goldberg
system, but it's close. In any event, I did a complete write-up on it in
this posting:


You need Winamp, Shoutcast, and a version of the Winamp WMA plug-in that
allows the data to be processed internally by Winamp.

The data/music flow goes:

Winamp WMA Plugin -> Winamp Shoutcast DSP plugin -> Shoutcast -> Squeezebox