View Full Version : How to add a playlist from the computer?

2008-01-11, 15:46
Maybye this should have been posted in the beginners catalog, but anyhow:

In the server configuration, I set up a location to where my playlists is stored. I have stored one playlist in there (made
from Rhythmbox, Linux media player). So from what I expect, the
slimserver should easily find my playlist, and play it like a charm. But that don't happen.

The only way I get to create a playlist, is from the Slimserver or from the squeezebox itself.
Since creating playlist from Rhythmbox is much faster, than from slimserver, I would prefer to do it the way I am trying to do.

So, is there anything I have missed out on here or what?

2008-01-11, 15:54
First, did you do a rescan in slimserver after copying the playlist over? Slimserver won't know about it unless you at least rescan the playlists.

Second, there is no one standard for playlist formats. It is possible that Rhythmbox's playlists aren't the format that slimserver uses, so slimserver doesn't know what to do with it. Use a text editor to compare a Rhythmbox-generated playlist with one that you generated in slimserver to see if the formats are the same. If not, you might need to do some tweaking of the Rhythmbox playlist to convert it to something that slimserver will read. Normally it's something you can do quickly with some intelligent search-and-replace, or 'sed' commands, or a script.