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Dan Foxley
2004-01-31, 12:45
I know some are having luck with streaming WMA, can the following be played
with SlimServer/SB or HTTP Stream? This plays in Windows Media Player.


Steve Baumgarten
2004-01-31, 13:20
> I know some are having luck with streaming WMA, can the following be
> played with SlimServer/SB or HTTP Stream?

I was able to get something working -- it's not quite a Rube Goldberg
system, but it's close. In any event, I did a complete write-up on it in
this posting:


You need Winamp, Shoutcast, and a version of the Winamp WMA plug-in that
allows the data to be processed internally by Winamp.

The data/music flow goes:

Winamp WMA Plugin -> Winamp Shoutcast DSP plugin -> Shoutcast -> Squeezebox


Steve Baumgarten
2004-01-31, 19:14
> Were you able to get the link I posted to work? You mention in your
> documentation about the ".wma" needing to be appended. Going through your
> post last night I was not able to get the link to work, but I didn't give
> it a LOT of time.

Yes, I'm listening to that stream right now via Shoutcast on my laptop. I
have Winamp receiving the stream from the Internet and rebroadcasting to
Shoutcast; I then pointed Quintessential Player (an excellent MP3 player)
to and it's playing the Shoutcast stream just fine.

The trick, as you noted, is adding the


tag on to the end of the original URL. In fact, if you connect to the
original URL via, say, lynx, and download the resulting file, you'll see
it looks like this:


Note the tags at the end of each of the URLs: ?MSWMExt=.asf

That tells the remote Windows Media server to serve up ASF format, which
the WMA plugin for Winamp doesn't understand. By changing that tag to
WMA, you tell the server to instead serve up a WMA stream -- and the WMA
plugin for Winamp can understand that just fine.

I am greatly indebted to Ron Thigpen for pointing out the importance of
the MSWMExt tag:


That's the key to get WMA streams playing through Winamp (and from there
ultimately through your Squeezebox).

Let me know if you still have problems getting it all to work (it
definitely is a bit of a kludge, but not a terrible one); if so we can
walk through it step by step. I'm more than happy to help out, having
received so much help here myself over the past few weeks.


Steve Baumgarten
2004-01-31, 22:29
> PS. I notice the convert.conf has "wma" in it, will this help with .wma
> streams or just .wma files? Do you know?

Just WMA files, I believe -- hence the need for the Rube Goldberg system...