View Full Version : What's the matter with this SB3 now

2008-01-11, 01:51
Having had all sort of problems getting my SB3 to talk to the slimserver (finally, resolved by upgrading USB adaptor)...all I hear now is white noise/static, even though there is no flag on the display or slim server that there is something wrong.

It was working perfectly and then suddenly only white noise!

Anyone any idea on this one, before I put it in the bin, please please...

Patrick Dixon
2008-01-11, 02:08
Recycle the power. It sounds like it has seen a power spike or something - is the PSU plug on the back of the SB3 fully in?

2008-01-11, 02:24
Thanks Patrick, you were spot on...not sure what caused it but just took out & put back in the plug in the back. Is this what you meant by recycle the power? Cheers Mike

Patrick Dixon
2008-01-11, 05:13
Exactly that. Glad you're up and running again.

Ron F.
2008-01-28, 13:46
My sister had this problem over the weekend as well, running firmware version 81. I have seen it myself in the past at least twice - the last time was possibly a year ago. It is quite rare, but still happens. What was interesting was that she has two SB3s that are synced, and the problem occurred on one of them, but not the other! The second one continued to play unaffected.

She left the crashed one alone so I could play with it in this condition. I found that if the volume control was dropped to about 10 or 12, (out of a range of 100) that the music was recognizable again - although it sounded terrible, and cranking the SB3 volume back up would cause the sound to revert back to white noise. It was as if each sample was getting shifted off the RHS edge by at least 8 bits, maybe more. I think what I was listening to mostly, was simply the dithering left in the least significant bits?

Repowering the SB3 corrected the problem immediately. The system was streaming an Apple lossless file at the time.

This is a VERY nasty bug in my opinion. My 6-month old niece was in the room when it happened. The SB3 was originally at a volume level of about 50, and then, suddenly went full scale on the analog outputs. The NAD amplifier responded with enthusiasm - you can imagine the rest - and it was ugly.

I don't recommend anybody ever use an SB3 at anything other than full volume - 100. Always control the volume at the amp. If I were running an SB3 directly into an amp as some people do - I would use attenuators between the SB3 and the amp to limit the maximum volume.

I simply don't trust firmware in the SB3 to never make a mistake, and frankly I would never trust any other source either.