View Full Version : Cover Art

Lukas Hinsch
2004-01-31, 12:00
> I have a "cover.jpg" and an "AMG Review.txt" in all my album
> directories - I pull through the cover art, but I've yet to
> work out how to show the text file in the web interface.

I use T&R to do the same thing, the only difference being that I let it put
the cover art and the review both into files and the id3 tags. It is abit
redundant since every song in an album contains the art and review
(allmusic's cover art images aren't too big in size so it doesn't bother me)
but that way I can keep the info even when copying a single song to
different location and slimserver can display the review on the web
interface, it shows up under 'comment' on the song detail page.