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2008-01-10, 16:48
Does anyone know where you can order this stuff besides logitech themself ? Online.

Preferable in US as the European pricing so far is horrible and a kick in the teeth.

Provided you can get 230V voltage, or is it switchmode adapters with both, so that only the cable is different

Yes i would side import one myself and pay more due to handling customs etc ;-) just for the principple. I will try not encuarage logitechs european price scheme, but i still want the product.

2008-01-10, 23:53
At the moment Logitech only list the Duet on their site, not the separate units. It would be interesting to know which online shops that will carry the the Receiver and the Controller.

Kolla prisjakt.nu (http://prisjakt.nu/kategori.php?k=295&t=40)

2008-01-11, 00:51
It's not yet available. Maybe by the end of January.

2008-01-11, 01:56
Ripcaster in the UK has the Duet listed for 279, estimated delivery 1st Feb.

2008-01-11, 06:15
I agree with Mnyb:

I have gone through all the phases of SB's from the first batch to the SB3's
we have today.

I always constantly replace all of my SB's to the latest generation (To get rid of wireless-B products.. or for the nice screen/design/form-factor) .. I have probably bought over 40 SB's over the last (has it been 6 or 7) couple of years.

Over the years I bought 10 SB's at a time. Doing this gave me a slightly better price from SlimDevices and paid for the swiss import duties.. This also helped me get my friends exited about them...

I am a huge fan and will be buying the duet and maybe a couple of
controlers. The only slightly annoying/tedious is getting someone from the states to bring them over. Getting someone in the states to order and then they send them over...

The dollar is 1.10 to our Chuffs right now (CHF) and Logitech is selling the set over here for 599 CHF.. against 439 CHF in the states)..

It is only a matter of principle...

2008-01-11, 10:25
can i suggest http://www.forwardit.us/ as a buyer/reshipper ( i found them on ebay and it cost me $5 for handling) they are shipping a chumby to me as we speak as so far its been very fast service, regular emails etc ill report back on speed when it arrives if you like.

2008-01-11, 12:26
Hmm forward it seems cool I marked that link for further use.
I think i'll wait untill it's more aviable on the market.
A god indication is that ripcaster is actually lower than the price list, on these items.
Maybe it sort itself out If one waits to say Mars or something, then SC/ will be even more stable

2008-01-11, 15:55
It would be interesting to know which online shops that will carry the the Receiver and the Controller.

I saw that www.ripcaster.co.uk were going to stock it (later this month they say...)