View Full Version : External CUE sheet parsing problem

2008-01-10, 16:28
Most of my music library is in the form of whole CD FLAC images with external CUE sheets (mostly generated by EAC).

I've noticed that CUE sheets that have exactly the same number of 'INDEX' statements as there are tracks are not parsed correctly. In these cases, the details of the SECOND track are assigned to the first two tracks, ie the title of the first track is wrong, and is taken from the second track. When I play the wrongly named first track it is the correct (first) track however.

This situation arises if none of the tracks have pregaps. I discovered this evening that I can fix the offending CUE sheet by inserting a dummy 'INDEX 00' (used to indicate the start of the pregap), immediately before, and with a time equal to, an 'INDEX 01' line. I've only tested this so far by inserting the dummy 'INDEX 00' before the 'INDEX 01' of the LAST track.

Is this something that others have noted? I have searched for related bugs, and have found quite a few that are described as FLAC+CUE related, but I haven't found one which matches this example exactly or which describes the 'INDEX 00' workaround. Forgive me if I've missed the relevant one!

For info, this relates to SqueezeCenter Version 7.0 - 15125.

2008-01-11, 05:19
I've also seen this behavior on some FLAC + external CUE sheets (also made with EAC). I haven't tracked it down to a specific cause. But basically it is a right PITA with my transporter and 6.5.4 running on XP pro - often selecting an album the first track is slow to start (> 10s) and I get the same issue with the second track title allocated to every following track. I found getting rid of some of the REM statements EAC adds as to date and Genre helps with that, and getting rid of apostrophes in track names also helps that. I will see if the pregap stuff is the fix. I was going to change the server o run on linux and also with a second network card dedicated to the transporter. When it works the transporter sounds lovely, but the software isn't really reliable enough for everyday usage :(