View Full Version : Stops when buffer is full. Was slimserver on solaris.

Kilgore Trout
2004-01-31, 00:01
Post mortem.

Switching to an hme network card fixed it. So for
future readers, it seems there is an issue with
Solaris 9, the eri interfaces, and Slim 5.0.1


--- Jason Holtzapple <jasonholtzapple (AT) yahoo (DOT) com>
> --- kdf <slim-mail (AT) deane-freeman (DOT) com> wrote:
> > Quoting Kilgore Trout <diatrive (AT) yahoo (DOT) com>:
> > > Solaris 9 - freshly patched
> > >
> > > Perl - 5.8.0 with Time::HiRes
> > >
> > I know Holtzapple is using Solaris with success.
> Ever seen this before,
> > Jason?
> No. I have a slightly different setup though. I'm
> using perl
> 5.6.1 that's bundled with Solaris 9 and I have a
> different
> network interface card. The version of perl
> shouldn't matter
> but the nic might have a lot to do with it.
> > > I agree entirely that it shouldnt die :)
> > > I turned on the buffer switch instead of the
> progress
> > > bar, and you can watch it rise and fall and then
> as
> > > soon as the buffer fills up the track stops
> about two
> > > seconds later. Right about where that "empty"
> packet
> > > is in the stream.
> I haven't specifically tested what happens when the
> SLIMP3's
> buffer fills up, so I'll try that today.
> --Jason
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Pat Farrell
2004-01-31, 09:17
At 08:26 AM 1/31/2004, Matthew Goheen wrote:
>to my amp works fine (no hum). So it's the combination of
>Squeezebox and Musicworks that is the problem -- but what exactly
>IS the problem, and how do I fix it????

You have a "ground loop" in your system.
They are fairly common when you connect together
audio gear. They are caused when the chassis ground
and the audio signal ground are at different voltages,
and so you get a 60 Hz signal flow down the audio path.

First, make sure everything is plugged into the same
circuit in your house. Preferably everything plugged into
the same outlet.

Disconnect every input signal's RCA to your amp.
Listen carefully for hum. No hum, great. Still there,
then it isn't the Squeezebox.

Connect the Squeezebox to the amp.
If no hum, then it isn't the Squeezebox.
If hum, then switch the power cord to the squeezebox,
plug the prongs in the other way. If still hum,
switch the power cord of the amp.
If still hum, is it in both channels?
If not, switch the audio cables, and see if it switches
Continue as needed.

Sometimes you have to get/make RCA cables that do not connect
the shield ground at one end. This breaks the ground, but usually
is bad, because the shield/ground is part of the signal path.

What you are aiming for is one AC power level to all the gear
and one and only one path for signal and audio ground (for each channel)

Hope this helps.

Pat Farrell pfarrell (AT) pfarrell (DOT) com