View Full Version : Amplified Squeezebox Receiver?

2008-01-09, 16:54
I know...this new product isn't on the market (too) and I'm asking for another version, but... someone says that Slimdevices and Logitech heard we forumers for developing the Duets so I post my desires (also if Christmas is gone):

- A squeezebox with a little digital amp (10/20W) to drive little speakers: I'm thinking of a couple of in-ceiling speakers for my bathroom and the SBR inside the wall;
- A system as a Pure-Fi Elite with embedded a SBR and/or a dock (as for iPod) to put the SBC and have the very requested Squeezebox boombox.

Ciao, Riccardo

P.S.: these are my two old posts to justify what I said before about considering our dreams:

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Latest: sorry for my "awful" english!!!