View Full Version : Organising DJ Mix CDs

2008-01-08, 16:00

These questions seem to come up every so often, but last I could find is from 3 years ago and SS 6.1, so maybe the answer is different now.

Currently I am using Windows Media Player 11 and would like to arrange my library similarly in Slimserver 6.5.4, if possible. All my albums live in their own directories on a separate, network drive which is accessed through a UNC path.

I have three types of problematic albums:

1) Album by mainly one artist with some tracks being contributed to by someone else, eg a DJ Format album where he produces all the music (and therefore is an artist on every track) but also has various singers contribute to some tracks.

2) Album which is a compilation of tracks by unrelated artists, mixed into one whole by one DJ, eg "Fabriclive.35" mixed by Marcus Intalex where the tracks are by other artists.

3) Albums which are a compilation of tracks by various artists, completely unmixed, say "Best Funk Tracks Ever" or film soundtracks. The Album Artist is set as Various Artists.

Currently, all of these album type are tagged and sorted by the Album Artist tag in WMP11, so I have album artists tagged as DJ Format, Marcus Intalex and Various Artists, respectively. This way I can access the whole album easily, but I can also search for the individual artists if I so desire, since every track has their artists.

Problem is that I seem to only be able to arrange things such that all the individual artists are visible in the artist view, or all the albums get pushed into a various artists category, which makes things much tougher to find.

Are there settings I can use to achieve the behaviour a la WMP 11?