View Full Version : Tracks (mp3) for won't play, SB3 gets stuck

Sam Lowry
2008-01-08, 15:14
I've had my setup for awhile (2 SB3 plus running Softsqueeze - WinXP machine for the server - for more than 1.5 years now). In the last few weeks, my SBs & Softsqueeze have run into 2 different tracks from different albums which it will not play. They are .mp3 and I think are encoded the same as the rest of the album. They play fine using all alternate media players I have (MediaMonkey, WMP, itunes). I have 6.54 slim server running.

What happens is that it appears the song gets stuck at the end of the track and won't proceed to the next track. If I skip over the track, it plays the next one fine. I am trying to narrow down the problem, anyone have an idea?


2008-01-08, 17:25
Not that this will help, but a corrupted file may cause this behavior. I have had the odd track on my Cowon DAP freak out on tracks that should play fine and do so on my PC. I cannot explain why, but when those tracks are deleted or re-ripped, the problem goes away.