View Full Version : iPod sharing probleml

2008-01-08, 11:36
Hi everbody,
I use iTunes to rip CDs to my PC and SB, unfortunately my daughter shares the device for her iPod. Trouble is, there are too many tunes on there now for her iPod to take.
Could I just download iTunes again onto my PC. Or would I need another audio ripper, if so what would members recommend. I live in the UK.
Many thanks,

2008-01-08, 13:20
You can synch an iPod to a selection of playlists, rather than the whole library - in fact that's exactly what I do, as I also have too much music for the capacity.

The option is under the music tab when you click on the ipod entry itself (not the music entry in the sub-list below)

Actually I use smart playlists to rotate the music I have, once it's been listened to it's removed for a while to make space for other unlistened stuff. With these you can be very creative.