View Full Version : Prolems with large number of MP3 files

Dondi Fusco
2004-01-30, 10:24
I have 68,000+ MP3s running on a Win2K dual 500MHz
PIII with 1GB RAM.

I think the "rule-of-thumb" for RAM requirements is
every 15,000 songs or so requires 32MB of RAM. I think
there's an exact comment on the RAM requirements
somewhere in the docs, or just ask Sean :)

Anyways, my SLIMP3 does quit ALOT. I've "cleaned" ALL
tags, although I was semi-following the comments on ID
tags. Do I need to strip-out the v1 ID tags?? I
believe both ID tag versions are identical after the

Also, instead of using the Win install of the Slim
server, should I, or could I, install ActiveState Perl
and use the Perl build???? Are there a benefits to
going in this direction over the Win install in terms
of speed and efficiency on the server?? This machine
is a dedicated music server, so any hints/words of
caution/how to's/tutorials/real-world experiences
would be helpful.

-- Dondi

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