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2008-01-07, 19:23
I'm fairly new to the Squeezebox, and I'm trying to sort out the best way to create a suite of playlists that I can use for parties or just lounging around the house. I have a large collection (120gb+) of mostly MP3 albums (some singles). They are sorted into directories (a, b, c, d, etc.) by artist.

My main problem is using the web interface to create play lists. It seems very clunky for this task. Here are a few reasons why.

1) Navigation to the search box is tedious. The "quick search" box on the "My Music" page is difficult to use because I have to move my mouse horizontally along the "Search Music" space until I reach the search box. Maybe a search bar, in its own frame, at the top of the page would work better (?).

2) Navigating paginated data is not intuitive. For example, if I browse by Album, there are a lot of results. The current navigation forces me to click the itty bitty links that are associated with each letter; this becomes really tedious. When I page through web results, I like to see "Previous" and "Next" links (>> and << or similar). I also like to see a consistent number of items per page, like 10 or whatever.

3) Latency hurts. This is nothing critical of the software; I think its just the reality of using a web application over a wireless network. The SlimServer box is hardwired into the LAN but I'm using a laptop over wireless to hit it. Going back to the browsing of Albums, if a particular letter has several hundred albums associated with it, the page can take a few seconds to load.

4) The "Add to Playlist" button is SO TINY! It's like a precision job to make sure that I add the song to the play list and not accidentally play it (which erases the entire list).

5) Saving play lists is just weird. It seems like the player has no concept of the "currently loaded" play list - it just knows about songs. Lets say I load a named play list (call it Mix1) into the player. If I add a new song to the list, and click "Save" at the bottom, it names it Untitled and I have to type in the name again, save it, answer Yes to the overwrite prompt, and save it again.

Overall, the sheer volume of albums/songs in my collection tends to drive me towards creating play lists. But with the current interface, I end up not using the Squeezebox as much because it takes so much darn work :(

I have a lot of respect for this product and a great appreciation that it is open source and runs fluidly on my Linux box. It is extremely reliable and the hardware is high quality. But I need some help using the web interface.


1) Are there settings or customizations I can apply to resolve any of the issues above?
2) Are there SlimServer plugins specifically designed to manage play lists?
3) Is there some other remote tool I can use to create play lists on my (Linux) SlimServer box from my (Windows) laptop?
4) Any other tips on how to create play lists for the Squeezebox?

Thanks in advance for any help.


2008-01-07, 23:01
> 4) The "Add to Playlist" button is SO TINY!

You must be using some real hi-res display.

> 3) Is there some other remote tool I can use to create play lists on
> my (Linux) SlimServer box from my (Windows) laptop?

Take a look at Moose and/or MusicIP