View Full Version : How to scan multiple directories?

2008-01-06, 14:03
I can set it to scan only one directory. Is there a plugin that will let me select more than one?

Mark Miksis
2008-01-06, 14:10
Are you trying to manage multiple libraries, or just include multiple directories in one library? If the former try http://erland.homeip.net/download/do/viewapplication?name=slimserver-multilibrary, if the latter it's easiest just to use a symlink, alias or shortcut (depending on your OS).

2008-01-06, 14:13
I'm trying to include 2 directories in the same library. I want it to scan d:\music as well as d:\newMusic.

NewMusic doesn't have my custom tags in them yet.

Mark Miksis
2008-01-06, 14:19
On Windows just create a shortcut to one directory inside the other.