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2008-01-06, 11:59
hmm....I do understand the rationale behind this product, but seriously, did I get this right; I pay $250 for the remote?

clever to position the receiver at $149.99 but c'mon, the package should be at least a $100 less expensive for the strategy to work.

2008-01-06, 15:20
not sure wy you posted this in the DIY forum, but never mind :)

The price is the price. If it is too high for you, then you don'thave to buy it (this has been said by Logitec employees in other threads). Market research will have been done for this so the figures aren't just plucked out of thin air.

And actually, the remote on it's own is $299, but the combined package is $399, so there is curretly a $50 discound for buying both together :)

2008-01-06, 16:41
I think you mistaken ... the pack is 399$ =)

2008-01-07, 03:28
I think you mistaken ... the pack is 399$ =)
Yes. oops. :o)

2008-01-07, 10:59
ah well, didnt know where else to post it. it doesnt have anything to do with me. I own 6 squeezeboxes for my house already. the pricing of the duet wouldnt stop me from buying it.

the point is, the market is moving too slow for me. not enough invention, not enough competition. logitech would be in an unique position to (similarly to apple) grab the main share of the mainstream market before it becomes too expensive to "lease" marketshare.

since they're a consumer goods company participating almost exclusively in mainstream segments, I dont get the pricing and marketing approach for all slim devices.

might be a business unit integration or political thing or they see the home media streaming market as yet too immature to go masses.

now I'm done. ignore this. probably just pissed coze I bought 2 SB3's before christmas and before I saw the duet ;)

2008-01-07, 19:57
The Duet is positioned to compete with the Sonos system. Once you price out the Sonos you see that the Duet is very reasonably priced. Price them both out for a 3 room install and the Duet becomes a huge bargain.