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2008-01-06, 11:29
Hi everyone, and a Happy New Year.

I have been using and enjoying my SB3 for a few months now - generally it was all very straightforward to set up and almost entirely trouble-free when streaming from either of my two music libraries. I have, however, had a few gremlins whilst streaming from internet radio (I am a Live365 subscriber) - I occasionally get the 'Connection Timed Out' message and the feed stops. I have to assume that this is some kind of SlimServer issue as if I connect up using my Live 365 desktop player and stream (via Airfoil) to an Airport Express, it all works fine & dandy.

Perusing the forum posts reveals a few others with this issue, but little in the way of definitive answers. I think the best way forward is to install the latest version of SlimServer (SqueezeCenter) - which finally brings me to my question!

Visiting the download page for release 7.0 presents a rather Techy file listing with not much I can find in the way of help. Could someone please provide a step-by-step guide to replacing my current installation (6.5.4) with the new one? I am no stranger to this sort of malarkey but would appreciate some guidance on this one. Apologies if I've missed a link to a help page somewhere.

Of course, if you feel this is not the most sensible course of action, please feel free to suggest one.

Many Thanks in advance.

2008-01-06, 16:44
Hi there-
I am just getting up to speed and can't wait to have digital access to our CDs and Pandora over our home stereo system. I love this forum and if I were only a little more tech savvy, I might have been able to figure this out but I have been searching on it for a while and I decided it is time to ask for help. Here is our situation. We have:
-a wireless router that has good connectivity in all parts of our (I am about to upgrade from B to G and would love to know what model you would recommend- is NetGear 54MBPS ok?)
- DSL broadband
- one laptop (HP Pavillion zd8000- Windows XP) connected directly to our wireless router
- another laptop (Dell Inspiron E1405- Windows XP) is connected via wireless
- two separate libraries of music that we listen separately via iTunes, but want to combine all our music to one place (I also want to consolidate our photos to one place while I am at it).
-300 CDs that have yet to be digitized
-a great home stereo in our living room

I want to be able to listen to the consolidated library from either computer or from our home stereo. I also want to be able to update playlists for my iPod nano or my husband's mini.

Our computers are not networked, but we ready to move to that step. I am looking to purchase Buffalo 500GB NAS Linkstation Live and burn our CDs to it, but I am open to other recommendations. I would like to store all our photos there as well. I also want to ensure that music and photos are backed-up regularly. Should I get a separate Hard Drive for that?

Like Dave, I've only recently learned of Slim Devices and I'm a little confused about the differences between the functionality of the Squeezbox and the Duet. Both seem like they would wirelessly stream from either my PC or the internet. Which might be best for my situation? I am not as much as an audiophile as many on this forum...just need a set-up that is easy and consolidated.

Thanks so much for your help/advice.


2008-01-06, 22:43
The most sensible course of action is to first:
backup your slimserver installation (the slimserver files, configuration files, etc.)

then do a trial install of SqueezeCenter.
See how it works. If you love it, be happy. If not, uninstall it and go back to your backup.

The details on how to do this depend on the O/S you are using. You didn't mention that details.

2008-01-07, 02:35
I have two SlimServer installations, both running on Windows Vista Home Premium OS. One is on a desktop which is wired to my Apple Airport Extreme, the other on a laptop which connects wirelessly and accesses its music files from a NAS drive attached to the Airport. The SB3 client is connected to my main stereo (digitally) and communicates with the rest of the network over a wireless link.

What I would like to do first is replace the SlimServer on the Laptop with SqueezeCenter - if all goes well it can be rolled out to the other machine, and if not I will revert the laptop to its current configuration.

Thanks again.

2008-01-09, 12:36
So - can no-one offer any advice?

Phil Leigh
2008-01-09, 13:15
Not quite sure what the question is? - just download the latest nightly onto the laptop and install it. It should work fine. (I'm not using Vista though...)

Patrick Dixon
2008-01-09, 13:23
So - can no-one offer any advice?

SqueezeCenter 7 is pretty stable now (although I'm on Ubuntu), so just do it. If you have any problems or questions, post in the beta forum.