View Full Version : Addng Receiver to existing wifi without controller

Paul Webster
2008-01-06, 10:11
Is it feasible to add a new Receiver without the new Controller.
i.e. Set-up via Ethernet or Jive on a PC - and then use via WiFi?

If so - then putting in a new unit primarily as a sync'd output - or control via PDA/Web through SqueezeCenter could push me to add more devices, into places that were otherwise unliekly to get an SB3 (I already have 2 SB2s).

2008-01-06, 10:15
a quote from a senior engineer on another thread indicates you can't set up a new receiver without a new controller YET. He said it will require more software work so that you can set up the new receiver from your computer.

I urge logitech engineers to implement this and bypass their marketing people.