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2008-01-06, 03:46
Has anyone noticed a recent problems with the quality of BBC Radio 2 via Alien BBC? Applies to both live and "listen again". Almost sounds like it isn't tuned in - especially when just spoken word. Thought it might be SB/amp or speakers but just checking it on the computer (Softsqueeze)and same quality. Slim 6.5.4 and Alien 1.0.6

2008-01-06, 04:06
It appears to be a BBC problem - sounds just as bad via the website (which I of course should have checked first!)

2008-01-06, 08:10
I had noticed that via the BBC website yesterday. Haven't checked further.

2008-01-06, 10:01
I had a problem yesterday. I tried to listen to the football on BBC Radio London and there seemed to be no stream at all. I managed to listen to the match on Radio Berkshire and that worked fine. Not sure if this is related.

James Cridland
2008-01-07, 08:19
Just to let you know that we are aware of some audio quality issues on the BBC Radio 2 stream. We hope to have a fix for it shortly.

In terms of RalphO's issues - that's not related; some programming is unavailable online for rights reasons.

James Cridland
2008-01-07, 08:20
And, as I write that, a message comes through...

"At approximately 13:30, engineers isolated cabling issues on the signal ingest into the audio routing/switching matrix. Radio 2's audio has been moved to a spare ingest port on the matrix (using a different patch port)."

Which is possibly speak for "It's been fixed".

Thanks for listening, and apologies for the fault.

James, BBC

2008-01-07, 10:49
Thanks James. Glad it was at your end ;-)