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2008-01-05, 10:02
hi everyone!

i discovered something strange the other night while we were having a party and my two SB3s were synched in "party mode" ;-).

we found that *both* would simply freeze up after an arbitrary time of playing.

-> SB3s will react to the remotes, but no music would play anymore. and the "big" spectrum analyzer screensaver would stay frozen in the background. even when pressing play, nothing happens, no sound, no progress bar advancing, nothing.
-> only unplugging the SB3s from power will reset them.
-> this *only* occurs when they are synched, never when they play alone.
-> sometimes they freeze after one or two songs, other times they can play for hours before it happens. but it always *will* happen.
-> It does not seem to be due to the audio formats and/or songs, because when i backtrack to the song the SB3 crashed at and try again, it works fine.
-> the freeze almost always seems to occur at the *end* of a track, just before the new one starts.
-> all the above symptoms are reproduceable at any time - given enough time. we just havent noticed it yet, since we rarely used the SB3s synched before.

(possible) caveats:
-> both SB3s are on an 802.3g wlan
-> we almost exclusively use (saved) playlists. some of them contain ~700 songs. because of this, we are not sure if the behavior still occurs with shorter and/or new playlists.
-> my slimserver is a severly resource-starved VIA ITX mainboard with a PIII, 700MHz equivalent processor and 1GB of RAM. it runs a lot of other software as well.

Things i have already done:
-> i upgraded from an 802.3b to a "g" wlan, in case there are latency/bandwidth issues causing this. no effect.
-> bugzilla tells me crossfading and synching does not work together and is not supported. switched crossfade off. no effect.
-> tried synching first the one and the other to see if the sequence makes a difference. no effect.
-> shut down any other applications on my slimserver, which may interfere. no effect.
-> i tested SC7 beta the other day and for some odd reason the scanner would crash before it finished my repository. this does not happen with 6.5.5., so i am going to wait for the SC7 release.

My system:
windows 2003 server 32 bit SP2, SS 6.5.5

i realize SC7 will have vastly improved synching capabilities, so i may just have to wait for the release and see if the problem goes away.

has anyone seen this effect?

thanks in advance,

2008-01-08, 03:45
ok, it seems no-one but us has been seeing this problem. ;-)

seriously, does this merit a bug report? after all, i can reproduce this effect at any time, on demand...

or should i just wait for SS7 final/release and see if the problem goes away?



2008-01-08, 05:22
Synch has been given a major fix in SC7. There's probably no point in logging a bug unless you can replicate the problem after upgrading to 7 as the synch fixes are not going to be ported back to 6.5x.

So your choice is to either continue with 6.5 and live with the known synch problems and wait for the offical 7 release


download the 7 nightly and beta test.

I've been running on 7 for months now and I'd say it's due for release any day now. It's extremely stable.

Most of the ongoing changes are Jive remote related.

By the way, a 700mhz PC with 1Gb is pretty low spec. I'd say 6.5 struggles on this and 7 will as well.
My SqueezeCenter.exe process uses 100Mb Ram and MySql probably another 20Mb.

Mark Lanctot
2008-01-09, 13:31
-> we almost exclusively use (saved) playlists. some of them contain ~700 songs. because of this, we are not sure if the behavior still occurs with shorter and/or new playlists.

Ouch, this will cause problems on a resource-poor machine.

Try a Random Mix playlist? This may not be the cause of your problems but it sure doesn't help.

2008-01-21, 03:18
thanks guys - i appreciate your taking time with an (almost) *deprecated* product (SS 6.x).

in the meanwhile, i discovered some similarities with other "squeezbox stops" threads:

the boxes usually stop at -0:00 seconds, or the equivalent total song time. and they stop at the END of the current song, not at the beginning of the next song. (so do mine)
this symptom has shown up in other threads. while their SBs did not appear to by synched, there did not seem to be any explanation and/or solution for it anywhere either.

but mark, you could be right too: i found out that my playlists seem to contain some kind of junk(?). my "mood groovy" playlist (~750 tracks) originally was ~85Kbyte large. didnt think anything of it, until i mistakenly re-saved it from inside winamp and it shrunk to 14Kbyte (still had ~750 tracks)!

seems to be the tool i use to develop the playlists (it is personal playlist manager plugin for winamp), always adds some stuff to the file, which is invisible. (at least in notepad and winamp). maybe that junk is buggering up SS...

i will do some testing with the new "cleaned" up versions of my playlists and report back.

2008-01-21, 05:01
I tested the last bit of the synch jigsaw over the weekend.
SC7 with Softsqueeze 3.6

I had 2 players (SB3/Softsqueeze) in synch for hours and they stayed absolutely rock solid. Fantastic.

I then joined my SB2 to the group. It has a borderline wireless signal, usually around 50%, and again no problems.

2008-02-04, 06:23
ok, update time:

i have been running the "cleaned" up playlists for a while now, but the freeze still seems to be occurring. although it seems MUCH rarer now.

BUT: just the other day i had a freeze up while the players were UN-synched. :-(

i am starting to suspect it may not have anything to do with synching, just that two players will cause the problem to occur double as often as one... (?)

so for me, this thread is closed. :-(

2008-06-16, 01:22
update: since my upgrade to SC 7 the problem has gone away!

just in case anyone can use this information... ;-)