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2008-01-05, 07:18
When it's worked its been a great bit of kit even the missus has been impressed; however, I'm having trouble connecting to the slimserver...it'll be working fine but then the music will stop, the screen will go blank and then the dreaded words, "connecting to slimserver" will appear...no more music...

A little bit of background,
1)I'm using a D-Link DWL-922 as my router
2)my SB is some distance from my PC
3)wireless strength sometimes appears low

Options, I'm considering:
1) Moving my PC downstairs so It's closer to the SB
2) Can you buy something to boost your signal??

Not sure if it's a signal issue anyway as the SB connects to my wireless network at first attempt.

Not sure if there's anything else I can do, except get my cash back which I really don't want to do as it's a great bit of kit when it works..

2008-01-05, 07:24
Hi sickmick,

I would try to do the following tests to see if it's really the low wireless strength:

Check the slimdevice with wired connection or wireless near your access point. You could also think about checking with the softsqueeze on the same machine where the slimserver is running or on a workstation that is successfully connected to your network where your slimserver is running in.

Ciao, Torsten

2008-01-05, 07:36
Thanks for your quick reply...a quick/stupid question though as I'm not very savy...does my slimdevice pick up the signal from my PC or is it resent from the wireless router?

2008-01-05, 07:39
In normal cases the router is acting as Wireless Access Point. So your SB connects to the Router directly to get access to your network.

2008-01-05, 07:45
The SB signal comes from the wireless router. If the PC is also using wireless - then you may be having bandwidth problems especially if both PC and SB have weak signals.

Sometimes changing the position of the wireless modem or changing the orientation of the SB will improve the signal.

You may also be able to get bigger antenna for router although improvement is marginal.

Another alternative would be to use Homeplug - Ethernet over mains sockets. This can be used to connect say SB or PC to router or possible move router to a better position if used between router and modem.

2008-01-05, 07:46
thanks...I don't think its a signal strength issue as the Wireless Access Point is only in the next room. I'll plug it in though and test...

Any other ideas, while I've got you on line, as to what I can do if its not low signal strength that is causing the problem?


2008-01-05, 08:17
Nothing I can think of right now. Cause at least older PC should be able to handle to serve one slimdevice without problems. But if the network testing does show that this was not the cause, you should tell us a little bit more, how your setup looks like? Is the SlimServer running embedded on a NAS device or on a PC? If the latter one, what operating system do you use? What version of SlimServer is running? Could you see something obvious in the log of SlimServer?

2008-01-05, 08:50
Is there any pattern to the dropouts - running a microwave or the phone ringing for example? Both of these can cause wireless interference. Or using a lot of wireless bandwidth doing something else like downloading large files on the PC that runs slimserver?

Also, do you have any options enabled on your router for "QoS" or similar - something that's supposed to give priority to certain kinds of traffic like audio? If so, try switching it off.

The other thing I would check is that you don't have an IP conflict. When you connect a Squeezebox to your router it gets a unique address on the network. Did you let your router do this automatically? You could try giving both PC/box that is running slimserver and the squeezebox a static (fixed) IP. Your router may do this for you.

2008-01-05, 09:07
...thanks Saurus & Siduhe, you've both given me a few options to explore, which I'll go away & have a think about...meanwhile, the connection is good & having no problems, so will enjoy while I can!!