View Full Version : AAC320 playback : differencies between mov123 and faad ?

2008-01-05, 02:11
Hi all,

i have encoded my library using two formats : ALAC anc AAC320. I used Apple Lossless for the recordings that are worth it (about a third of my CDs) and adopted a "slightly" lossy format for the rest. The reason is that i use the same library on my iPod (classic) and at home. Simple.

Well, all would be fine if i hadn't been a "victim" of the mov123 bug of file names' length (#4705) which obliged me to use FAAD as the AAC decoder, as suggested on the bug tracking.

The problem is that i can swear that i can hear a (slightly audible) difference between mov123 and faad decoding. That is not a big broblem, to be honest, but i'm kind of a "maniac" when it comes to audio reproduction.

I haven't been through very extensive comparisons between the two decoders (simple lack of time), so i was wondering whether there're others who have experienced these differencies between them. :)