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Lukas Hinsch
2004-01-29, 13:58
Try lowering the priority of the encoding, e.g. to "below normal" in the
windows task manager. That way slimserver should get more cpu time. Don't
know if that'll prevent the skipping though.


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Addition: [This is on a Slimp3]
I'm experiencing skipping in the playout of music while I'm encoding MP3s
with CDex 1.51 at the same time. Is there a way to prevent this behavior
(non-hardware related) or should I just not do both at the same time?
Playing music when not encoding works as expected with no skipping or

AMD 1.2Mhz Duron
Win2K - Kept up to date
SlimServer 5.01
(Can't think of the firmware version off the top of my head)