View Full Version : During storm - SB3 plays noise at top volume level

2008-01-04, 11:07
We have had a storm in the Bay Area, and out of nowhere one of my 2 SB3 did something very strange: it played drivel at top output level.

While it was in that mode, it would respond to lowering the volume, and it would also look through music folders and "play" a different song producing again a warbled, odd and horrible pink noise that had some rhythmic base thrown in.

I had to unplug the SB3 and then plug it in again, upon doing so everything was back to normal. Odd, it's as if the built in decoder or DA converter had lost it.

But wow, given the fact I am feeding the SB3 directly into powered speakers, this was a big warning. And since I was out with friends having dinner until quite late, and upon coming home was wondering "who is the $#@! playing music this loud in the middle of the night?" as I parked my car, it's going to cost me a few bottles of wine for the neighbors.

So just a warning: if you are going to go out, switch off equipment connected to the SB. I hadn't been as diligent as I should have been.