View Full Version : LastFM starts by itself

2008-01-04, 02:49
I've noticed that the LastFM application can start by itself, without any input from me ? is this realy normal !?
I don't click on any icon but sudenly i can see it in the tray ?
I'm a little paranoid about apps that do "things" out off the blue

2008-01-04, 05:33
Do you mean the standalone Last.fm radio player application? If so, you would be better off posting at the Last.fm forums (http://www.last.fm/forum/).

If you mean the Last.fm plugin that comes with Slimserver (which enables you to play Last.fm through your Squeezebox), can you tell us a bit more about your system (what version of Slimserver, what OS, if you turn on debug for plugins and internet radio, does the output give any clue what is happening?).

Could you have it set as an alarm?

Have you ever opened up Slimserver to the outside world (for example to access your music from work)?

2008-01-04, 06:44
It's the standalone player, i'm think i'm on to something. So i better ask the last fm fora then.

It's seems to be that the standalone app is starting whenever a asociated mediaplayer starts and it does so whatever you are doing with it, why should it scroble when i'm looking at a video ?

I want a little more controll than that.

2008-01-04, 07:32
Definitely try the Last.fm forums, although this post on the Last.fm blog suggests that if you have a live session with Last.fm website it will automatically try and scrobble any video you watch.

If you sign out of the website, does that stop the problem?


2008-01-04, 07:39
it was completely unrelated to last fm site, thanks anyway.
Scrobbling while logged in at last fm is expected. I just see if i can setupp the the thing to only scrobble my slimserver which is what i want i hardly use anything else for music.

2008-01-04, 07:55
It's not controlled from LastFM app, You have to turn off the pluggin in each and every mediaplayer. And aparently it scrobbles whatever you do with that player even if it's totaly unrelated from musiclistening.

Btw If anyone else is reading to, the LastFM app's default setting is to scrobble every file you play from any directory, you can set it scrobble only a specific folder if you want.

So now i have as i want, it scrobbles my slimserver.
and only tunes from my chosen dir or the radio.