View Full Version : Softsqueeze funny buttons, locks up

2008-01-03, 18:36
I'm using v3.4 (presumably, I can't find an "about")and have several problems with it.
1) The buttons don't go back. E.G. if in browsing my music library I select "classical" folder, I can display the contents of it, but I can't back up to the prior folder containing it along with "popular" etc.

I have to press the "browse" button and start over.

2)While playing my selection, the "now playing" display keeps up for awhile then freezes - perhaps when I switch to another MS window.

3)When it finishes, it finishes! I have to kill it and restart it to play something else.

2008-01-04, 22:12
I found the "back" button to the left of the simulated 4-direction circle. It allows me to back up to higher directory levels. The other two problems continue to haunt.