View Full Version : stream flac to another pc using slimserver/squeezecenter?

2008-01-02, 16:06
Hello all,

Apologies in advance for the newbish question:

I'm trying to stream FLAC files from my media server to a remote PC connected to an external USB DAC. I want to compare my:

1. media server>SB3>coax DAC>etc


2. media server>remote PC>external USB DAC>etc

So..is there any way to setup remote streaming of lossless files using SlimServer/SqueezeCenter?

Thanks in advance for any help!


2008-01-02, 17:15
have you tried softsqueeze?

2008-01-02, 19:10
Hi Radish,

Thanks for the response. I can use softsqueeze to stream FLAC when the music is stored on the computer that is connected to the USB DAC.

It doesn't seem like I can use softsqueeze to receive music that's stored on another computer. That is, I want to music to stream from my music server to the computer that is hooked into the DAC. Is that possible?

If not, I guess my backup would be to hook the media server into the USB DAC and use softsqueeze.

Any other thoughts? Can I stream to a computer with Softsqueeze?


2008-01-02, 20:56
You absolutely can stream to a remote instance of softsqueeze. The only special thing you need to do is to input the IP address of the server machine into the setup page of softsqueeze once you have opened it on the remote machine.


Pale Blue Ego
2008-01-02, 21:13
If the PC with the USB DAC is on your local network, why not just PLAY the FLAC files with any software player like Winamp or Foobar2000? No streaming necessary.

2008-01-03, 07:21
Excellent - Just modified my softsqueeze settings and now it works great!

Thanks again for your help! Softqueeze is quite a powerful tool,