View Full Version : buggy Transporter

2008-01-01, 16:39
I have a Transporter and a SB3. The SB3 works reliably. The Transporter, even though offers high quality audio, is not as reliable. I have to power cycle it about once a week. I use analog output for both of them.

The two common problems for Transporter are as follows.

1. No analog output: the simulated analog VU meters are moving but no sound.

2. The unit restarts itself while playing music.

The Transporter's firmware version is 31 and I run 6.5.4 slim server. I have reset the Transporter but still does not fix the problem.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


2008-01-01, 21:42
My TP has been running very reliably. It sounds like you have a defective unit. I would call slim support, they're very good about fixing/replacing broken transporters.