View Full Version : Which version of SlimServer am I using

2008-01-01, 13:02
Hi all

Obviously I'm a bit of a newbie cos my question is very basic. How do I find which version of Slimserver I'm running?

I know I only loaded it a few days ago but I was all excited with my new toy and didn't pay attention...

2008-01-01, 13:10
There are two ways:
1. via the player: settings, information, server information - browse down until you see the version number

2. via the server. If you run SqueezeCenter, it is easy, as it is named SqueezeCenter since version 7.0 Beta. you can find the detailed version on the status page in settings. If you run SlimServer version 6.5.x, it is either in the home page (left side) or under settings somewhere (I cannot remember, I have been running SqueezeCenter 7.0 Beta for a few months now.

Hope this helps


2008-01-01, 13:10
go to the HTML control page.
Depending on which version you are running, you need to get the the "server settings" page.

Down at the bottom it will have the version for your SlimServer/SqueezeCenter and your OS

2008-01-02, 14:04
Thanks guys. I now know what I'm doing - for another few minutes at least...