View Full Version : Firewalls, security and SB3

2007-12-31, 18:40
My free Cox Security Suite wreaks havoc on Slim Server software, so I would like to buy something that is more compatible.

Are there any security programs (e.g. Norton Internet Security 2008) that are known to work well with Slim Server software?


2007-12-31, 23:21
The (free) versions of AVG anti-virus and Comodo Firewall work for me. I'd avoid Norton ;-)

2008-01-01, 01:35
Norton 2005 do work with SS on my XP pc, But there are 1000 other reasons for not using it.
I'm using it c'ause it was bundled with my pc, as soon as subscription ends i jump ship.

So I'm also interested in which firewall/virus software to use.

Does any dev or support person has any experience worth sharing with us

2008-01-01, 03:22
I use the pay version of AVG security suite in Vista without any problems with SS whatsoever.

2008-01-01, 03:35
There may be plenty of reasons for not using Norton, but I've not had any real problems with it as far as Slimserver is concerned (currently using NIS 2007 on my Slimserver on Win XP).


2008-01-01, 20:06
In terms of an antivirus, I can recommend NOD32. I don't run a software firewall or any other kind of "internet security" app though.