View Full Version : Slimserver Genre Browsing Speed?

2007-12-31, 13:20
I am playing with the Slimserver (just installed) using it tied to iTunes. When I browse the collection (~2000 Artists, 4600 Albumns) it is very responsive when loading, artists or albumns.

But if I load Genres, the second I pick Reggae or Pop the server takes upwards of 30 sec to return the fetch. And once in is generally very slow if you trying to pop into an artist folder, back out and into another. But when browsing by artist or albumn (which are much bigger catalogs since its everything) there is little slow down.

Any ideas why Genre browsing is so much slower then the other larger viewing methods?

Update: What is weird, is if I browse the collection, while a new rescan is underway, then the Genre browsing option is pretty fast. Loads Reggae or Metal in 2 seconds, butonce the scan is done it goes back to 30-45sec to open a genre folder...

Time Response:
Genre 1- 16 Artists, 45 Albumns - Instant Load
Genre 2- 104 Artists, 350 Albumns - 26 Sec
Genre 3- 183 Artists, 641 Albumns - 31 Sec
Genre 4- 268 Artists, 350 Albumns - 43 Sec

Update 2: Guess it doesnt really matter, I linked in the SB and it accesses everything instantly. I think I'll just use the server for admin purposes so thats fine and I dont use the squeezesoft to know if it has the same speed issue since I use iTunes on the desktop. This little SB is bad ass!

Update 3: When I switched to direct folder importing of the library this issue went away. I guess there is something with the way it imports the info from iTunes that casued the genre search feature to bog down really bad.