View Full Version : Wireless network confusion

2007-12-31, 12:11
In my home music system I have:

iMac G4 as a music server, used for nothing else.
2 original Squeezebox (wireless B)
1 SLIMP3 with a WET-11 wireless adapter
1 Airport Express basestation

My music network is a sperate wireless network from my other network wich is used to connect ot the Internet. The music network is internal only, no connection to the outside world.

I use channel 1 for my Internet connected network and cnannel 11 for my music network. These two channels have been most reliable and least prone to interferance of others I have tried in my house.

My question is:

When using the Airport Express base station, sometimes the music stops and then the Squeezeboxes restart on their own. Kind of like starting a song, then stopping and starting over again.

I recently purchased an Airport Exterme base station, in hopes of getting better range. It doesn't seem too much better. But when I am using the AIrport Exterme base station, and the music stops, the Squeezeboxes doe not restart like when using the Airort Express base station.

I believe the settings are identical in both base stations and yes, I only use one base station at a time. If one is in use, the other is unplugged and unpowered.

Anybody else have similar experiences with the Airport Extreme base station?

Thanks for any help,