View Full Version : stopping and starting slimserver

2007-12-30, 12:46
I'm a linux (ubuntu) noob. I am tweaking slimserver and would like to stop an restart it after messing with it but I don't know how.
I thought slimserver stop would do it but i see this after an unusual delay:

I also get this:

art@slim1$ slimserver stop
2007-12-30 14:39:11.1999 ERROR: MySQLHelper: createSystemTables() Couldn't connect to database: [Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/home/art/Cache/slimserver-mysql.sock' (2)]

I am logged in as user "art" Slimserver appears to be running fine, BTW. I appreciate any tips. thanks.

Mark Miksis
2007-12-30, 13:40
As root:

/etc/init.d/slimserver restart

2007-12-30, 20:12
That was easy. Thanks!