View Full Version : managing playlists from a remote machine.

2007-12-29, 17:11
I have all my music stored on a Windows Home Server (headless) and the SqueezeCenter is running there (I hate that name! SlimServer was great, SlimCenter I could live with, but... anyway, I'm rambling again. sorry!)

We have one SB3 in the living room and another in the rumpus room/home gym (http://blog.offbeatmammal.com/post/2007/12/Music-all-around-the-house.aspx) and looking to add another to the home office (and maybe others as we finish renovating).

Everything works fine, but... I'd love to find a more elegant way to manage playlists. My wife and I have fairly different music tastes so when we're exercising want to be able to select our own playlist and have it play back as random. Likewise when one of us is using the home office we'd like to be able to take our playlists, or one of the shared family playlists that have a bit of the less extremes and kiddy friendly stuff. For a dinner party selecting a playlist based on guests and a theme would also be neat.

Ideally we'd both be able to manage any of the playlists from any of the machines on the home network easily (via iTunes or WMP or similar) without confusing the local WMP / iTunes libraries - but so far I've not had much luck!