View Full Version : Cannot find slimserver on Qnap

2007-12-28, 21:34
I have just installed my new Qnap with built-in Slimserver, but my (also new) Squeezebox cannot find slimserver. It finds an IP-address, but just goes black when trying to connect to slimserver.

I can find the files "debian-4.0-arm-2007-07-15.gz" and "install-ts10x-20x.sh" in Qnap (under admin/public), so it looks like Slimserver IS installed, but should I activate these files, before Slimserver will work?

http://<QNap IP address>:9000 doesn't find anything!

I have ajusted my firewall according to the instructions in the squeezebox install-guide, so they should not be the problem.

Please help me!!


2007-12-29, 18:27
http://<QNap IP address>:9000 finds tonky, but http://<QNap IP address>:9001 finds nothing.

Does this mean that Slimserver is NOT preinstalled or have I overlooked something?

I have installed Sliserver om my pc to test and Squeezebox finds it easily, so I suspect that the preinstalled slimserver on the qnap is not there at all.

Please help me, before I send the qnap back to the store.