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Eric Gauthier
2004-01-28, 20:11
I have my Internet radio stations in my Playlists. Create a directory in
your Playlist directory called "Radio" and put your Radio Playlists there.


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>I'm still using Slimp3 server 4.2.3 and currently have a
>single music folder.
>This works fine when you have genre/artist/title which is
>fine. I now also
>have a series of radio stations that I use. I can clearly put
>an artist or
>genre in as "radio" and handle it like that but it would be
>nice to have a
>multiple music folder set up within the server (and also on
>the Slimp3 for
>that matter) to allow more flexibility in the structuring of music.
>I would like to have a folder for CD music, and a folder for
>radio. Is this
>possible in 5.* yet, or if not is it planned to be ?