View Full Version : Music keeps stopping on FLAC files

2007-12-28, 17:34
A problem has developed over the last week. If I have the SqueezeCenter web interface open on the Status screen, every time the web interface refreshes the screen it causes the music playing on my SqueezeBox to stop for a few seconds. This ONLY happens when playing FLAC files. There is no problem with MP3 files. If I close the web interface then the music plays ok without any breaks.

I get the same problem running the web interface on my PC and also running it on my Dell Axim Pocket PC PDA. The music also stops for a few seconds when selecting tracks using the search feature on the web interface. If I close the web interface and select tracks via the SB remote control then the music plays perfectly and does not stop playing.

I am running SqueezeCenter Version: 7.0 - 15528 on a PC running Windows Vista Ultimate with 3GB of RAM with an Intel Core 2 CPU 2.66MHz. I am running Internet Explorer 7.0.6000.16575 on my PC, but the problem also occurs when I use the web interface on my Dell Axim, which uses a different version of Internet Explorer.

There is no problem if I am accessing other web sites on either my PC or my PDA with internet explorer while playing music.

Anybody got any ideas what the problem could be?