View Full Version : Squeezecenter doesn't stay running

2007-12-28, 12:17
I was running slimserver on my Mac (OSX Tiger). After upgrading my Mac to Leopard slimserver won't stay running. I can go into System Preferences and start it up. It seems to start but if i go back into System Preferences it is not running. I upraded to the beta (squeeze center) but it didn't help. I've also noticed the web access button is grayed out.
Any ideas???

2007-12-30, 08:56
I have the same exact problem... I'd love to see a solution

2007-12-31, 15:59
Scroll down in this forum and look for post by graley (me) who had same prob. See reply from mario. It is tedious but it works. I used his/her suggestions for SS 6.5.4. You can deduce what to do with either SS 7 or 6.5.

2008-01-01, 15:11
In your SlimServer preferences (Sys Pref > SlimServer), change "Automatically Start" to "When I log in" (instead of "When System Boots"). Seems to work better this way for me. BTW, "Web Access" is greyed out when the server is not running.

2008-01-05, 10:54
Thanks for the info graley. I found your previous post and did what it said and now all is well!!!