View Full Version : Playlist keeps clearing

2007-12-28, 11:41
I'm having some trouble with my installation of Slimserver, streaming to Foobar 2000.

If I do a random mix or play some music, I occasionally just get silence and my playlist becomes empty if I view it from the web interface. I've independently verified that mp3 files will play, as will ape files, but certain files will just cause everything to stop and the playlist to clear. Is there a log or something else I can use to determine what's happening?

Slimserver is installed on a Windows XP Pro machine. Originally I was at version 6.5.4. After experiencing this issue I uninstalled that and installed a pre-release 7.0 version. The same problem persisted.

2007-12-28, 13:47
Never mind, got it fixed. I downgraded back to 6.5.4 and it was working. Not sure what was wrong in the first place.