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Brad Moody
2004-01-28, 13:10
I have a similar set up to Mark's and I definitely notice a difference that can't quite be made up simply by adjusting the volume control. I'm back to a question circulating in this group a couple of months ago for which: Is there an analog output (wattage/impedance?) issue with the SB that causes it to sound weaker than the CD, DVD and other analog sources coming into the NAD amp? Put in not even remotely technical terms, why do we have to raise the volume control on the amp when listening to the SB when the volume control at that same level for any other device would produce ear shatteringly loud music and/or distortion.

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My SB is connected to a NAD 501 amp and 3A Midi Master speakers. This is
an old but reasonably high-quality set-up; my main problem is that I don't
have a ton of wattage. When I A/Bed my SB vs. my NAD CD player, I couldn't
hear an obvious difference, but I was hampered by the fact that the two
sources were different volumes; it's very distracting to have to jigger the
volume continuously when flipping back and forth, and made me wonder if the
deeper bass I thought I was hearing from the CD player, for example, was
simply me playing the CD player louder.

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