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2007-12-27, 17:47
I just set up my new SB3 and the slimserver v6.5 at home. I run iTunes software on a QOSMIO Toshiba Laptop which has 2 hard drives. iTunes and slimserver are installed on C: and all of my music files are stored on D:

I have entered appropriately the directories where the music is stored and the playlists are store (same directory on D:) into the slimserver, and it scanned and found all of my music.

HOWEVER, it does NOT find the iTunes playlists.

Any suggestions appreciated


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2007-12-28, 06:07
If you're just trying to get your iTunes playlists to appear on your SB3, then simply leave the "Playlists" folder location blank. iTunes playlists are stored in it's .xml file, which is what SlimServer scans if told to use iTunes.

Do a full clear and rescan and you should find your playlists.