View Full Version : All of a Sudden: SB/SS Can't Play MY Music!

2007-12-27, 15:13
I've lately been having some quirky issues with my SB/SS. First, it was more weird network related problems. Now, I can only get it to play streams of LastFM or Shoutcast, for example, but when I try to play music off of my internal network, it won't play at all. I can access all of the music via the web interface, and on the box itself. But when I press play on either the web interface or the box itself, it won't play anything. Slimserver states that it is playing, but it won't ever actually play anything. Then I go back to Shoutcast or LastFM and it plays fine.

Does anyone have a clue what is going on?

Anoop M.
2007-12-27, 16:44
Are there any firewalls on the computer? You might also want to try a xilinx reset. You can do this by unplugging the unit, while plugging it back in hold down the number 1 on the remote. Its worth a shot.

2007-12-27, 17:58
Okay. It appears that I have found the culprit. For the first time today, all of my FLAC files have been playing back very jumpy/glitchy. My SB is connected to my network via ethernet cable, but the computer that SS resides on is for now connected via wireless. Still, with that setup since I got the SB and never had the jumpy playback until today, except when I first bought it and tried to setup the SB via 802.11g. So earlier today, I set bitrate limiting to ON. I just went back and turned it OFF, and voila. It works again.

But the jumpy FLAC problem is back like a bad habit.