View Full Version : Slimserver on Terastation Live (ARM11)

2007-12-27, 14:39
I just bought a Squeezebox and a Terastation Live (ARM11) and haven't got the Slimserver running on the Terastation yet.

I manage to telnet with a root account.
Somehow I am in a catch 22 needing the make command to install gcc and vice versa. Since I am a newbee to Linux I can't figure it out. (If the above doesn't make sense you now understand why...;-). Could someone help me a little further?

Thanks in advance,

2008-01-01, 15:55
Though I am probably just as inexperienced with linux as you are, I do have a suggestion:

Go to www.nas-central.org, there is loads of information about the buffalo products and linux on there. That site helped me to install debian on my linkstation too.
I'm now working on slimserver on this box, everything else works (including the firefly media server to make my music web- and itunes-accessible).
If that works, I just need to figure out if my SB3 can connect to a slimserver instance running outside of the local network..

2008-01-02, 15:15
Thank for your help Efraim. In the meanwhile I got somewhat furter, with aid of nas-central sources. Think I am almost where I want to be. Only the XML-parser is still a problem to be solved. Good luck with your installation...

2008-01-31, 03:48
I just have bought a 4Tb Buffalo Terastation Live. Where can I find clear instructions to install Slimserver software?