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2007-12-22, 14:13
sometimes I am too lazzy to reach my amp and turn it on or sometimes I forget to turn it off.... Power switch II seems to be the right plugin for me. When I went into Conrad electronics store to see if I could make myself a relais module I found that it involves some soldering and being blind I am not very comfortable with that way either.
However tp has an ir out 1/8" jack and my Marantz PM-11s1 features Marantz flexible control bus system and therefore has the same jack as well.
I don't know enough about both components but couldn't I link the two devices via a standard cable i.e 1/8" plugs on each side and make tp turn on the Marantz in one way or an other?
Is there any one knowing the f.c.b.s. better than me out there? Felix or anybody else what does the power switch II plugin exactly electrically? What is send via the ir out?
Thanks Jeronimo

2007-12-22, 16:13
Hello Jeronimo

Checking the specs sheet for your amplifier PM-11s1 it looks like you could just connect the IR out of the Transporter to the D-Bus Remote In and use the IRBlaster plugin (instead of PowerSwitchII).

This might or might not work as I once read that this kind of input uses the same signals as a regular IR remote, but without a carrier frequency. And I don't know if the D-Bus Remote In filters out the carrier.

So, if direct link does not work you could also try a regular IR emitter.

In addition you'll need a .conf file that matches your amplifiers remote control to tell IRBlaster what command to send.

And to answer your question about PowerSwitchII. It activates a special mode that allows to simply turn on and off the IR out of Transporter (instead of sending out an IR command).

Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year

2007-12-22, 18:57
Hello Felix,
I didn't find a d-bus remote in on the back of the Marantz. Just found the f.c.b.s. in and out respectively.
Ir-Blaster could somehow be complicated for it may not be possible to find a config file for ir blaster.