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2007-12-22, 01:21
Attention Swedes (and others)!

It seems like SR has moved all of it's channels. This morning I tried to "tune in" P4 Radiosporten but I got a message saying:
"We heve moved. More information on www(dot)sr(dot)se. Happy holidays"

In conjuction, the SB3 screen shows the message "Vi har flyttat". *

I can't find anything about it on SR(dot)se and my wife is beginning to get upset :-/

Is there an easy way to update those stream adresses or will it come automatically sonner or later?



* We have moved

2007-12-22, 03:17
Here are the new streams.


Use the excellent plugin "My picks" and you are back on track in a few minutes or just use "Tune in" in the Slimserver GUI.

2007-12-22, 06:27
I can't find anything about it on SR(dot)se and my wife is beginning to get upset :-/

Yeah, the wives don't want to miss "Radiosporten"... ;-)

2007-12-22, 07:08
Yeah, the wives don't want to miss "Radiosporten"... ;-)

LOL!! Spot on, bro!

Tack, Bernt! I'll check it out.


2007-12-22, 08:09

I edited my SR .opml file and tried to import it into favorites in SC7. But all the time I get the message "Error Importing Playlist E:\M U S I K\Playlists\Sveriges Radio.opml"

What's wrong?


2007-12-29, 05:33
I use this info http://sr.se/cgi-bin/mall/artikel.asp?ProgramID=2321&Artikel=787720

Then i'm creating my own favorites with SqueezeNetwork web site.
Scroll down a bit and use the windows media links.

Example: mms://wm-live.sr.se/SR-P3-High

It's a little tedius to do this, and i found no way to create subfolders in "favorites" it will be little cluttered.

Now if radiotimes could corect their links :-/

Of course this is a fix for when your on SqueezeNetwork, You can probably "tune in" this links in SS or SC, but i have not verified this