View Full Version : out with the old,.. in with the new...

2007-12-21, 20:31
I was getting all excited about finally getting the second Squeezebox, one for in the bedroom. My old one is a squeezebox white, about two years old, so it still has the Slim Devices logo on it.

The new one is the Squeezebox black. Again, it is a beautiful design. Everything about it just feels right (although, just as with the old squeezebox, you can see on the metallic face plate that the screws are just a bit too tight... as it bulges slightly at the screw settings).

So there I am with two squeezeboxes, but the fun was not to last: my old one completely gave up the ghost. Logitech support has been very responsive, all I am waiting for now is where I can bring it back for repairs in Sydney.

Hopefully, not too far in the new year, I will have two working units :)

Best wishes for all at the Logitech/Slimdevices team, and to all the contributers to this truly amazing product (and a big thank you for all the hard work on SqueezeCenter).