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Kilgore Trout
2004-01-27, 16:28
Ah, you are a saint.
I don't have the Cisco VPN software. I built the box just for this purpose.
Lowering the value to 700 works, why would that indicate a confliction with other software? Will this have any adverse effect on the performance of the system?
I tried 1000 first but that did not work, it helped a little, maybe playing up to 15 seconds of the song. What exactly is happening here if you dont mind me asking?

Thanks again!

Jason Holtzapple <jasonholtzapple (AT) yahoo (DOT) com> wrote:
Don't downgrade just yet!

I have slimserver running fine here with Squeezebox and SLIMP3
clients. I'm on an Ultra 10 (hme network card) and Solaris 9
Update 5, with patch cluster from Jan 19 installed.

There's a conflict with Cisco VPN software. Try disabling that
if you have it. Also, you might try fiddling with the server
setting "maximum number of audio bytes to send in a UDP packet."
It defaults to 1400, try cutting that to 1000 or even lower to
see if it works. If lowering that value helps, you may have a
conflict with another piece of software running on the Sun.


--- dean blackketter wrote:
> If I remember correctly there were some problems with UDP support in
> some patches of Solaris. Here's a message from our old list archive:
> From: hww3 (AT) riverweb (DOT) com
> Subject: [slimp3-users] Solaris 12/02 & firmware 1.3 resolution (sort
> of)
> Date: January 15, 2003 7:51:21 PM PST
> To: slimp3-users (AT) yahoogroups (DOT) com
> Reply-To: slimp3-users (AT) yahoogroups (DOT) com
> Well, I've finally figured out what was probably causing the problem. I
> downgraded the sun system from Solaris 9 12/02 (update 2) to Solaris 9
> (update 0) and everything started working again. I confirmed this at
> work with different hardware running those two releases of the OS, and
> there the newer release also did not work. I don't know what Sun
> changed in the intervening 2 software updates, but it doesn't agree
> with the SliMP3 firmware/software.

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