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Kilgore Trout
2004-01-27, 15:41
> Err, try reading the message?

Okay, I will yet again post the entirety of the
message that I responded to. Please explain how I am
violating the principles set forth by this message.

---------------------------------->This list is
getting harder to read all the time.

In terms of subject matter, I wonder if there needs to
be a list
between or below the two existing (discuss and
developer) lists.

Hence this comment from Robin:

>It really is a pain to have to subscribe and deal
with this high
>of email in order to ask one or two questions.

Perhaps there should be a "slimp3-help" list that's a
low-volume community to solve problems, but that's
separate from
discussions of new feature requests, whether Slim
Devices products
are doomed to failure due to the competition, etc.?

I'm not sure if that's the way to slice it, but it
seems that there
are a couple of different audiences on this list and
while members of
the one audience are happy to be in both, members of
the other
audience seem to have no stomach for the other half. A
separation might make some sense.

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> No need to get snappy, my reply to you was atleast
> semi-joking.

Yes, but just like the "errr, read the message" post
above it is rife with condescension. Putting a smiley
at the end of breaking someones balls does not excuse
it. Especially when the harrasment is not even
applicable to the original message.


> --
> Simon